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About Us

Organizational chart
Organizational chart of ASCIT Board of Directors, ASCIT staff, and committees

Welcome to the website of the Associated Students of the California Institute of Technology! We are the undergraduate student government at Caltech. We hold events for the 1000+ undergrads at Caltech and the community at large, oversee undergraduate clubs and club funding, and work with administration and faculty to address students' academic and non-academic concerns. ASCIT is overseen by the Board of Directors (BoD) and is assisted by the BoD Secretary and various staff roles.

Current ASCIT Leadership

Current ASCIT Leadership
Role Name Email
President Gabriella Twombly
Vice President of Academic Affairs (ARC Chair) Alex Burr
Vice President of Non-Academic Affairs (IHC Chair) Sophie Elam
Director of Operations Ankita Nandi
Treasurer Jonathan Booker
Social Director Snigdha Saha
Secretary Ava Barbano

Current ASCIT Staff

Current ASCIT Staff
Role Name Email
Social Media Manager Ashlyn Roice
Assistant Social Director Diya Kumar
Assistant Social Director Sanjana Shah

Submit feedback to the ASCIT Feedback form to be reviewed at the next Board of Directors meeting (open to public).